The main objectives of the learning programme Romanian as a foreign language is acquiring Romanian in all its aspects and therefore users must acquire correctly the peculiarities of pronunciation and writing of Romanian language, to acquire the skills to correctly use with dictionaries for specific purposes, to assimilate the information quickly and accurately and also the grammatical and lexical items and notions, to identify the essential information in a message orally or in writing, to notify unknown lexical units in speech and to understand the context, to recognize the grammatical correctness of a sentence and / or lexical forms, to use correct phrases in a written text using correct spelling and punctuation signs specific to Romanian language.

This programme aims to prepare foreign students to meet the demands of the following programs of study in Romanian by non -native speakers . Skills acquired consist of theoretical and practical knowledge of Romanian language, the correct reception of oral and written discourse level according to CEFR B1 -B2 in producing fluent and spontaneous oral and written texts ( on various subjects ) for the B1 -B2 , adapting vocabulary and style according to the recipient, type of text and subject matter.


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